Connection Works is more than a business name.

It's also an observation.

And the philosophy on which we have planted a stake in the ground.


We are a boutique coaching and consulting firm that partners with leaders and teams looking to:

  • Generate the capacities and resilience to navigate – and even influence – the VUCA world of the 21st century;

  • Understand and implement approaches to change that are relevant to their specific, often complex needs today – in this moment;

  • Deepen the leadership, engagement, and collaboration of their colleagues and employees, regardless of their position in the organization;

  • Make the workplace more than a place to get a paycheck.

We are particularly interested in partnering with people and leaders interested in Doing It Differently, who sense or know from experience that we need to shift the way we think and approach our workplace challenges. Check out these 10 principles (left column - Must Dos) from Liberating Structures for how we’re Doing it Differently with our clients.

We believe that at the root of all of the above challenges (indeed, the root of most challenges faced by organizations and their leaders today) is the need for connection.

We believe that:

  • When people connect to themselves on a deeper level, they will show up in ways that are more authentic, not to mention productive;

  • When people connect more meaningfully to each other, collaboration flows more easily and produces higher quality outcomes;

  • When people connect with intention to their work and to new ideas they discover new possibilities on which to take action - individually and collectively.

We believe that's how Connection Works



We are passionate about supporting leaders at all levels – and helping them support each other.  From individual coaching  to peer-to-peer workshops to a handful of training offerings to company-wide leadership development programs, we can help.


Team effectiveness is a journey not a destination so one day off-sites won't get you there. We come alongside teams to help them learn how to have frequent and productive team conversations about what’s working and what’s not in real time.


Culture change can’t be driven from the top down. It must be co-created. Because culture is created in people's everyday interactions, we help you get more people thinking and talking about the culture they want so it's truly co-created.            


Facilitation is about much more than ensuring a meeting stays on track. Ultimately, it is about ensuring people have the conversations that make the most of the experience in the room to generate new insights and next wise actions.