That's how connection works.


I help you understand the 'jungle in here' so you can thrive in the 'jungle out there'.




Clarify your purpose
& unique capabilities

I help people create identity-centered lives, leadership, and organizations. Visit my colleague's website to learn more while I create cool stuff to show you the power of identity & purpose. 



Build your capacity
& confidence to lead

Through coaching and workshops, I help new managers and leaders build their capability and confidence. I also help companies create leadership development programs.


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Demystify team dynamics
with data & dialogue

I help teams quickly surface the insights and actions needed to improve performance.  The Team Elements app, "real work in real time" approach, and follow up coaching ensures change.



Liberate individual
& collective wisdom

These days you need everyone's ideas to make progress on your most tricky challenges. Using Liberating Structures, I help people transform their meetings for greater participation and productivity.


Teams matter. Teams are the unit of belonging & transformation. Teams are where people make sense of and act on changes (or, not). 


Invest in yours.


Shannon and I have worked together in many ways through the years. I’ve seen her lead groups, manage projects, coach and advise, and create space and experiences that allow people to gain insight that significantly enriches their lives. Shannon is a rare combination of deep consciousness and practical delivery. It’s rare to find that in one individual.
— Leslie
Shannon is exceptional at helping to lead teams of people to identify a vision, and organize around direction and goals. While I was with a large engineering firm, she facilitated a visioning process that helped our group get aligned around who we wanted to be, and really challenged us to focus our efforts.
— Angela
Shannon’s Identity Mapping workshop was enlightening. Her thoughtful, creative, and personable coaching paired with easy, fun and thought-provoking exercises have helped me better understand my deeper interests and values as a human being and contributor in society. The outcome of our work created a roadmap for my decision-making that I use to this day.
— Rachel
Shannon is a thoughtful, dedicated professional with a keen understanding of how a strong identity influences the success of organizations and individual, alike. Shannon brings an irrepresssible curiosity and willingness to challenge convention that makes her a force for innovation as well as results.
— Larry, President, The Identity Circle


About Shannon

Shannon Patterson is the founder of Connection Works. She brings deep expertise in leadership and organizational development. Her work is grounded in 20 years of business experience across the engineering, architecture, construction, education, and personal development fields. 

Shannon draws on the practices of Identity Mapping®, emotional intelligence, nonviolent communication, group dynamics, and Liberating Structures to help her clients navigate “the jungle in here” so they can navigate “the jungle out there” from a place of authenticity and wisdom so they can amplify their positive impact . Whether that jungle is your personal leadership or your team or your culture, Shannon's experience and business acumen will help bring clarity to whatever complexity you face.

Recent clients include leaders and teams at Sound Transit, Indian Health Service, Yukon Government, Yukon Energy, WA Dept of Natural Resources, Seattle Children’s Hospital, SOG Knives, Cares of Washington, Tacoma Public Schools, and Holmberg Mechanical.

Prior to shifting her to focus to leadership and organization development, Shannon spent 15 years in the engineering and environmental sciences field as a transportation planning consultant and project manager. She worked closely with the Washington State Department of Transportation, Metro Transit and Sound Transit as well as many local jurisdictions and community groups.

Shannon has a BA in Psychology and Masters in Civil Engineering from the University of Washington as well as a Masters in Organizational Development from Pepperdine University's Graziadio School of Business and Management.

Let's connect.

I love diving into conversations with you about the challenges you face and the hopes you have for a better life, team, or organization.

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